PowerLinks at New Video Frontiers: Native Mobile Video Panel


In September, PowerLinks’ VP of Media Partnerships Simon Morris discussed the convergence of Mobile, Native and Video with Kenneth Suh from Unruly and Anne Frisbie from InMobi at New Video Frontiers in New York.

The panel discussed what this convergence will mean for the industry, the benefits to the buyers and sellers of these emerging ad formats, and the necessity to align new native formats with the consumer experience.

When quizzed on the benefits of Native Mobile Video, Simon commented that banner advertising is far from ideal on mobile devices, and this problem is paving the way for a new, more effective method of cross-device advertising. “Display ads on mobile don’t look good – they aren’t engaging users… Native ads give you the opportunity to tell a story, allowing brands to communicate through the same voice as publishers.”

In terms of user-engagement, and the ROI of Native Mobile Video, Anne Frisbie believes that “in order to make advertising more powerful, it has to get closer to the consumer and closer to the publisher, and we are starting to see how much that is going to affect the industry.”

Kenneth Suh commented that after the success of Facebook’s native advertising play, “everyone is thinking about how to integrate video into their news feed experiences.”

The panel also went into detail on the implications of ad-blocking, the importance of clear disclosure, building users’ trust and the performance benefits of the Native Video convergence.

Watch the full video here.

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