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PowerLinks’ unique ad platform boasts the largest global reach for B2B supply. Our technology combines account-based marketing, contextual targeting and dynamic creative to eliminate waste and supercharge your growth.


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Automating relevance with precise contextual analysis and 100% brand safety.

PowerLinks’ Relevance Platform helps you target the right person in the right editorial environment. Contextual alignment delivers increased performance across B2B KPIs such as prospecting, new customer acquisition, sales leads and content distribution.


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The PowerLinks platform enables B2B advertisers to execute Account Based Marketing across the full Native & Display marketplace.

PowerLinks work with industry leading IP intelligence providers, through which we have over 300,000 businesses mapped into our platform.

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3 Steps to Success
Step 1

Choose your targeting

Select ABM (business, industry vertical, company size). Select audience. Upload keywords for contextual targeting.

Step 2

Upload your creative

Upload just one set of creatives into the platform. Component-based creative enables buying across all native placements.

Step 3

Optimize your campaign

Get real-time insights from our comprehensive dashboard and optimize to native ad format, ad layouts, site/app etc.

Matched Credit Offer

To find out more about our matched credit offer, contact us today!

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